Voices of Heart & Soul

To be a poet is not merely to be a writer. We are craftsmen of a sort, musicians, healers. Our words, and the melodies they produce, give voice to the deepest desires of the heart and soul that so many struggle to express. Our reasons for writing are our own, yet we are brought together by commonalities: we live, love, mourn, hate. And for those of us whose writings are most prolific when emotions run high, sharing them can be cathartic.

What’s that Disney song again…? ‘Let it Go’…?

Is a public airing of such innermost thoughts for everyone? Of course not! Personally, I was well into adulthood before I became comfortable enough in my own skin to even consider such a thing though I had written often from the time I was a child. Even now I publish only sporadically, and only occasionally under my real name. But much of the time I’m not writing for the world anyway, I’m writing for me.

So why Brighde’s Bailiwick?

Brighde was traditionally considered a Celtic triple goddess of fire: fire of inspiration (poetry), fire of the forge (craftsmen), fire of the hearth (healing). It seems fitting that a blog dedicated to the creative and healing powers of writing should carry her name. Interestingly enough, the motto of my alma mater happens to be ‘As gold refined by fire’ and her original logo from 1878 a woman playing the lyre and reciting poetry. Coincidence? I think not!




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